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Inplasa is dedicated to the manufacture of flexible packaging using raw materials such as polypropylenes Mono and Bi oriented, (metalized, transparent, matte), High barrier polypropylenes, Cast, Paper Parma (special for butter packaging).

Inplasa produces Coextruded sheets made in our facilities based on resins and pigments. Consumables such as inks, alcohols, adhesives, resins are imported 100% virgin products, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in food packaging.


– Milk packing
– Milk packing for long duration
– Water packaging
– Chlorine gaskets
– Packaging for snacks
– Cookie packs
– Coffee packaging
– Soap Packaging
– Packaging for grains such as rice and beans
– Packaging for textile packaging
– Heat shrink packaging
– Softening packaging

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