Quality Politics

We are a Flexible Packaging Manufacturing company; socially responsible, with a customer service approach, committed to the agreed legal and regulatory requirements related to quality and safety, promoting communication with stakeholders and the development of their skills, maintaining continuous improvement in our processes.

Quality Certification

Inplasa is certified under ISO 9001: 2015, applies to the processes of Design, production, printing and distribution of flexible packaging made from plastic.

Quality Objectives

1. Develop and Deliver Quality Products.
2. Strengthen relationships with external Clients.
3. Implementation of the Hep-tachromia system in the Fplus printer with scope to other printers.
4. Implementation of the Lean Manufacturing methodology.
5. Increase the profitability of the Company.
6. Include within the scope of the SGC the administrative processes (accounting, CXP, CXC, Audit-comptroller, Finance, billing).
7. Implement external certification in ISO 45001